Is Your Business Spending too Much on WCB Costs?

Let BCL’s expert team help your business uncover cost savings

Having a BCL expert conduct an in-depth review of historical claims can identify areas of cost relief or removal. Above and beyond our historical claim review, BCL is also committed to providing you with the tools and training needed to avoid unnecessary disability related risks and costs.

The team at BCL will provide you with a program specifically suited to your needs. This could include representation at all levels of the WCB review or appeal process, revision of your industry classification, and an analysis of the rate applied to your organization to ensure you’re paying the lowest possible premium.

Our Historical Cost Recovery Review has no upfront costs to participate.

If you don’t see any savings, the review doesn’t cost you anything! 

BCL Consulting is your one-stop answer to managing, minimizing and controlling WCB disability and personal injury claims and cost. Put the BCL team to work for you today and join our 30 years worth of satisfied clients.

“BCL has assisted with Chemco’s success in reducing claims costs and Chemco’s WCB premium rate.”

Dave Hagen, VP Environmental, Health and Safety, Chemco


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Avoid Legal Risks

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