WCB Consulting Services

Current Claims Management Program

Current Claims Management is a proactive approach to immediate control over and containment of Workers’ Compensation claims costs. The key to effective claims management is to be involved in a claim from the onset, ideally from the date of accident, or as soon as possible.

According to current legislation, any dispute involving decisions made by the Workers’ Compensation Board or Appeal bodies must be appealed within one year of the date the decision was made. Therefore, it is imperative to identify potential issues and address all decisions made on a claim within the required timeframe.

Early diagnosis, treatment and action are paramount to controlling costs.
Effective claims management reflects in accurate assessment rates and, ultimately, lower costs charged to an employer!

What We Do

Our Current Claims Management Program makes sure your claims are reviewed, understood and processed in a timely fashion. When an accident, injury or illness occurs and a claim is pending, our Team ensures all employers rights are upheld, including:

  • Confirming the claim is correctly established, within WCB legislation and timelines
  • Establishing the most cost-effective means of addressing the injury
  • Implementing tools to reduce the time-loss component of the claim
  • Ensuring all expenditures are reasonable, based on applicable policies and legislation
  • Pursuing modified duties in all circumstances
  • Identifying, initiating and advocating for potential cost-relief opportunities
  • Preparing and presenting issues of appeal to the Dispute Resolution and Decision Review Body or Appeals Commission
  • Negotiating medical treatment and return to work plans
  • Expediting any procedures or medical consultations through our established affiliations

BCL’s network of associates guarantees professional management of injury and rehabilitation strategies to minimize costs. Through our affiliations, we establish early referrals to physicians, therapists, clinics and other treatment providers, which can facilitate a faster recovery and return to work or identify the need for retraining or vocational rehabilitation.

This program has proven itself invaluable to our clients and to injured workers, by accessing treatment options promptly and initiating alternate employment avenues if necessary.

Why We Do It

Internal claims management can be very time consuming and complex. Understanding WCB legislation, policies and procedures, how they are applied to a claim, what the resulting impact is on a claim, how claim decisions are made and how a claim is processed from beginning to end are key factors in keeping claim costs under control.

Using our expertise and experience will take a fraction of the time your organization might use to address the same issues. Our staff includes a number of former WCB employees who understand the claims process from the inside out. Combine that with our vast experience in dealing with claims and the WCB for more than 25 years, and it allows us to quickly access pertinent information and historical data that can be directly applied to your specific situation.

Having BCL manage your claims allows you to focus on other important aspects of your company and what it does – in other words, us doing our business makes it easier for you to do yours!