WCB Accident Fund Surplus: Have Your Say

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As part of the government directed WCB Review currently underway in Alberta, the Review Panel is taking a closer look at WCB-Alberta’s Accident Fund and how it is managed. This has been a topic of discussion in recent workshops and the Panel is very keen on getting as much input as possible from stakeholders. WCB Accident Fund The Accident Fund is established from Employer Premiums. The WCB is funded through premiums assessed to employers. There are no tax dollars or employee payroll deductions involved in the workers’ compensation system. Each year the WCB establishes the premiums that employers will pay. These rates are set so that the total premiums collected in the current year will pay for all estimated present and future costs of claims that occur during that year. Based on the overall amount of premiums that need to be collected, the WCB determines premium rates for each industry […]

Worker’s Compensation Board Under Review

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In March 2016, the Alberta Government announced that it would be conducting a review of the province’s workers’ compensation system. Although the Workers’ Compensation Board (WCB) is not a government agency per se, the WCB was created by the Alberta Government to administer the Workers’ Compensation Act and as such, is responsible to ensure the WCB is operating as fairly, efficiently and effectively as possible. To that end, an independent three-member panel is conducting a formal review of the entire workers’ compensation system, including the WCB, the Appeals Commission and the Medical Panel Office. As part of the review, the Panel is looking at how things are done, how effective the process is, what is working, what is not, what needs to be improved and what needs to be changed. From June 6, 2016 to July 15, 2016, the Review Panel asked for input from Albertans to share their opinions […]

A Cost Free Way to WCB Savings: Historical Claim Review

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During November and December every year, most Workers’ Compensation Boards (WCB) across the country send out the annual Experience Rating statements to employers. These statements include figures used in the calculations to establish their WCB premium rates for following year. Provided, on the statement, is a list of all the claims and associated costs that are used to determine any discount or surcharge being applied to the premium rate. Seeing your WCB claims history laid out along with the financial impact associated with those claims, can be a jolt to the system! As an employer, have you ever wondered if all the costs on your WCB claims are your responsibility? Are the costs on a claim relative to the work-related injury? Have you ever felt that something was not quite right with a claim but couldn’t put your finger on it? Or have you wondered whether there were special circumstances […]

Alberta Fire Prevention: A Hot Topic

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October 9th to 15th is National Fire Prevention Week, an issue particularly fresh in the minds of many Albertans in light of the Fort McMurray Wildfires this spring. While Fort McMurray and surrounding areas continue to rebuild and recover from this horrific natural disaster and the thought of fire sparks feelings of fear, apprehension and anxiety, there is no better time to review, revise and renew fire safety plans, emergency procedures and prevention protocols. Fire prevention starts at home and reviewing a checklist is always a great idea, but fire prevention and fire safety in the workplace is equally important. Taking time to review the fire safety guidelines, fire escape plans and fire extinguisher locations with staff can be lifesaving in the event of a real emergency. As much as fire drills may seem redundant and a waste of productive time, much like the safety demonstrations on airplanes, it ensures […]

Beyond the Dispute Resolution & Decision Review Board: Appeals Commission for Alberta Workers’ Compensation

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So the WCB-Alberta has made a decision on an injured worker’s claim and, as the employer, you do not agree with the decision. You have talked to the WCB decision maker, likely a Claim Manager or Claims Adjudicator, without success. You have discussed the issue with a supervisor, have had no luck with the Dispute Resolution and Decision Review Board(DRDRB) and still you are not in agreement with the decision that was made. What can you do now? Is there another level of appeal? Is there a way to get an impartial hearing to voice your grievance? The WCB Appeals Commission: The Appeals Commission for Alberta Workers’ Compensation is exactly that. The WCB Appeals Commission (AC) is the final level appeal for decisions made by the DRDRB and the most formal of all levels of appeal. It is a quasi-judicial tribunal established by and operating under the Alberta Workers’ Compensation […]